just a little help

Just A Little Help serves individuals and families in Central Virginia from its headquarters in Charlottesville. We are here to fill in the gaps and make life easier for you.


Our caring professionals provide the services that can often allow seniors to stay in their homes instead of moving to an institutional care facility.


If you or a loved one needs help recuperating from an illness or injury, wants some help around the house, or can no longer bathe or dress without assistance, we can help as much or as little as you need.


If you and your family are too busy to take care of all the demands and details of life today, we can help pick up the kids, meet the repairman, or run to the grocery store.


If a loved one has reached the end of life and you need additional support and assistance beyond what hospice care can provide, we can help keep the household running smoothly, provide respite to the family, and care for the patient.


To find out more about our specific services and rates for busy families, seniors, or support during hospice care, please click on the links to the left, or click here.


We are always happy to work with your schedule and budget to find the best way that we can provide you with Just A Little Help.


We can take care of that.